Baby Barrier Oval Logo 400x400
I just had Tim install our Baby Barrier last Wednesday.  I just wanted you both to know how totally pleased and appreciative we are of your product, support and expert installation.  I am a total “do-it-yourselfer” and after watching the installation, there is no way I could have done this properly…the specialized tools, measurement tools and equipment demonstrated that this is a very “expert/professional” installation required for yours and any other competitive products!  We had our family come in from out of town with my 2 grandkids and wanted some peace of mind for the safety of our grandchildren.  They arrived and the first thing our 26 month old grandson did was run to the pool!  The Baby Barrier was there and he was totally safe.  A few days later, we had many at our home and took down the Baby Barrier and were later reinstalling it after they left and my grandson fell into the pool while we were reinstalling it!  We were right there to help him out.  The Baby Barrier REALLY WORKS and it gives us a total peace of mind.  We have installed it and taken it down three times and it is easy, looks great and exactly what we were hoping it would be.  Thanks again, from our whole family, for your attention to our order, personalized service, expert installation and the best product on the market.  We love it and our conscience loves it even more!!!  Cheers!