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Since 1963, the BABY BARRIER® Pool Fence Company has been helping to prevent drowning accidents.

Do you already own a business that could benefit from offering the world’s #1 pool safety fence? Our product can be the center of your business or an additional product. We have dealers who specialize in fencing of all sorts. Some Baby Barrier pool fence dealer are pool maintenance companies. Of course pool contractors love being able to add our fencing as a great add on to really set themselves apart from competitors.

No matter how you look at it, we provide an amazing product and are always looking for additional dealers. Since 1963 we have been selling our fencing around the world. However there is still room or more dealers to get involved! We continue to grow every year as more and more families look to keep their children safer. As laws change and expand to additional states, we are ready to install pool safety fence according to local requirements.

For starters our pool safety fence is better quality, and has the longevity to prove this. We offer training on installation, service, repairs and sales. Our team is ready to get you approved and set up to start selling and most importantly installing. Tight quality controls on our product and accepted installation methods are what separate us from any company claiming to be a competitor. Here are just a few of the benefits to becoming a Baby Barrier Pool Fence Dealer.

Be Part of the Growing Baby Barrier Family

  • Low Initial Investment
  • No Minimum Monthly Material Purchase
  • Complete Training on Installation Process
  • Available Territories With No Current Dealers in TEXAS
  • Leads Generated by corporate are sent to you
  • Earn Extra Income
  • Full-Time or Part-Time
  • Marketing & Advertising Assistance
  • Growth Potential & Be Your Own Boss
  • Install A Product That People Need For Peace Of Mind

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