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mom and baby in pool safety tips

Essential Pool Safety Tips

Essential Pool Safety Tips Pools are a great way to keep us entertained all year round, however safety is an important factor to consider. Tragically, drowning is the number one cause of unintentional deaths for children between the ages of 1 and 4 and the second leading cause for those between 5 and 14. The…

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Child Drownings How to Prevent Them

Child Drownings How to Prevent Them We all know how crazy children’s birthday parties can get. Pools are of the most fun features of any amazing party. The kids love it, the parents love it because the kids are tired, and it helps everyone cool off on a hot day. But this pool maybe a…

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cover or fence your pool

Should you Cover or Fence your pool?

Should you Cover or Fence your pool? Limiting access to your pool is important for everyone, as accidents can happen at any time. Those with children in the home need to be especially vigilant in limiting access when children are unsupervised. There are two main options for limiting access; cover or fence your pool.  …

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family having fun - swimming pool safety

Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety Pools are a great way to keep your family entertained year-round, but with it comes the responsibility of making sure it is safe. Pool safety measures are important for everyone, not only those with children in the household. Accidents can happen in minutes when someone’s not paying attention. If you have kids…

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baby gates to keep kids safe

Baby Gates and Fences What You Need

Baby Gates and Fences You didn’t know you Needed Preparing for when your baby starts to move around takes a lot of work. They are curious, clumsy, and will get into just about anything. So, finding the right safety equipment, like baby gates for your home, is essential to keep your baby safe during these…

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alligator in swimming pool

What’s in your Swimming Pool?

What’s in your Swimming Pool? Many children fear sharks in the swimming pool. Although this is unlikely to ever be a real problem, here in Florida there is a real threat of what could be lurking in your swimming pool. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to go outside to take a dip in their pool…

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solar pool cover

Why you need a Solar Pool Cover

Why you need a Solar Pool Cover Getting a cover for your pool can seem unnecessary; especially in a climate such as Florida. But, these covers help a lot with both the maintenance and efficiency of your pool. The Florida sun will evaporate a large amount of water from your pool every day. Covering your…

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father and son with no pool heater

How to Choose the Right Pool Heater

How to Choose the Right Pool Heater Making the decision to add a heater to your pool can greatly extend the amount of time each year you are able to enjoy using  it. Although here in Florida the temperature doesn’t drop as drastically as other areas of the country, a heater can help maintain a…

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COVID-19 and My Swimming Pool

COVID-19 and My Swimming Pool Can COVID-19 Get In My Pool? 2020 is a year that we will remember for a long time. Many of us have enjoyed projects around the home, cooking meals and cooling off in the pool. We have heard many people ask and wonder if COVID-19 can actually get into your…

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rental property pool fence

Rental Property Pool Fence

Rental Property Pool Fence Pool Fence Adds Value To Rental Property We love vacation. A chance to get away from the routines of life and enjoy some rest and relaxation. A popular vacation includes the rental of AirBnB or VRBO homes. Renting properties from homeowners, we can enjoy a new city with all the comforts…

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Our Products are Made in America

The Original and Most Trusted Pool Fence

The Original and Most Trusted Pool Fence since 1963! “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” Since we designed and installed the first pool fence in 1963 many companies have tried to copy our design and fencing. We have all the patents and as a company we are constantly testing, and making our trusted pool…

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Kids At The Pool - DIY Pool Safety Fence

Never DIY Pool Safety Fence

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Pool Safety Fence You need a pool fence so why not just DIY pool safety fence? We all like a good deal. The internet has made it easy for us compare prices and places we can order the products we like. Amazon has single handedly changed many of our lives. During…

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Dog Swimming in Pool Important to Keep Your Pets Safe

Keep Your Pets Safe Around Your Pool

How To Keep Your Pets Safe Around Your Pool We want our family safe around the pool. Have you ever given thought on how to keep your pets safe around your pool? In ground pools are wonderful to beat the summer heat. They are really convenient and look great in your yard! For these reasons,…

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Pool Safety Fence Made In USA

Baby Pool Safety Fence We know there are many choices out there to keep your kids safe around pools. Even searching on amazon you can find some fencing that may work. Would you trust the lives of your family to something that “might” work? Of course not. Here are some reasons why you should compare…

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Baby Pool Safety Fence

Baby Pool Safety Fence We move to Florida and love it here because of the weather. Usually the pool is an option every month, and while some days can be a little chilly, a solar heater can keep the pool feeling great every day of the year. Most pools are installed in the ground making…

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