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Pool Safety Fact

Pool fence barriers should be used to help prevent younger children from accessing the pool area. There is 83% less risk of a child drowning where a four-sided isolation pool safety fence has been installed compared to three-sided property line fencing. (Center For Disease Control)

For every single child that drowns there are four children hospitalized for near drowning incidents. (Center For Disease Control).

One-third of near drowning victims survive, but suffer significant impairments or permanent brain damage. (American Academy of Pediatrics).

Studies estimate that this type pool safety fencing could prevent 50 to 90 percent of childhood drownings in residential pools. (Shands Safe Kids)

Children can drown in the short amount of time it takes to answer a telephone call. (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission).

Baby Barrier® must not create a false sense of security; the Baby Barrier® fence is not and will never be a substitute for Adult Supervision. The customer has sole responsibility for periodically inspecting the Product and for reporting defects or failures.

Adult Supervision

Adult supervision is the most important thing to keeping kids safer around water. Adults should always have eyes watching over all the children around the pool at all times.


There is no substitute for adult supervision, however pool fences and locking gates can go a long way in keeping kids safe around the swimming pool.


Swimming lessons are a great way to prepare children for the pool and it having adults trained in CPR is important incase of emergencies.

Anyone who has children or grandchildren should be proactive by installing a Baby Barrier Pool Safety Fence.