Your Baby Barrier® Pool Safety Fence Care and Use

Pool Safety Fence Care1. It is important to establish a pool safety fence care and maintenance schedule for your new fence. While your fence contains a mildew retardant, mildew may accumulate on the fence. We strongly recommend occasional spraying of the fence with cold water. This will help keep your fence clean and free from deterioration by pool chemicals. A mild liquid detergent may be used to clean the top and the bottom borders of the fence.

2. Maintain your fence by regularly spraying WD-40 on the lower end of each fence pole where they enter into the sleeve every few months. Steel wool will remove accumulated oxidation to make pole removal easier.

3. If you wish to remove the fence, first release the safety hooks, (this action will take the tension off each section of the fence.) Next, pull out each pole in the section, one at a time. Once the section of fence is out of the sleeve, the fence can be rolled up for compact storage. Please note each section of the fence has a specific number of poles, corresponding to the holes in your pool deck. You should make a record of which section of fence goes into a particular set of holes. This will make replacing the fence easier.

4. To replace your fence, simply insert all the poles into the proper holes, then, secure the hook and eye assembly to restore the fence tension.

5. We suggest you take down the fence when cleaning your patio with caustic cleaners such as acid, chlorine, etc. Before replacing the fence, spray inside the sleeves with a quality silicone spray or WD-40. This will help prevent oxidation and make removal easier. Also spray the hook and eye assembly. A well maintained fence is a safer fence.

Durable-Pool-Safety Fence6. Your Baby Barrier® fence has a built-in reinforcement cord in both the top and bottom for added strength and to help eliminate sag. For this reason do not use your fence as a “Clothes Line.” Hanging towels, bathing suits, and other objects on the fence may cause the top fabric rail to sag and become unsafe. We also suggest you discourage your child from hanging on the fence. You should also make sure there is no furniture nearby that a child could use as a ladder to climb over the fence.

7. The Baby Barrier ® fence is designed to help prevent pool drowning, but is not offered to anyone as complete assurance against accidents. We cannot stress this too strongly, and we suggest that no small child be left alone in the pool or patio area, without Adult Supervision. There are NO guarantees, expressed or implied as to the Safety of your children.

8. We appreciate your business and hope you will recommend us to your friends who need pool protection for their children. Remember a little preventative pool safety fence care will add years to the life of our product.


Baby Barrier® must not create a false sense of security; the Baby Barrier® fence is not and will never be a substitute for Adult Supervision. The customer has sole responsibility for periodically inspecting the Product and for reporting defects or failures.