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About Baby Barrier®

Baby Barrier® Safety Pool Fence originated in 1963 when a Florida Grandfather, who could not keep up with his three young grandsons, decided that he needed something to keep the boys away from the swimming pool.  Thus the Baby Barrier concept was founded.  The Successor Company improved the product through standardization and tight quality controls. Today, we offer the strongest and safest product in the industry.  Our product is made only in the USA with Federally registered trademarks to protect our developments. We currently have dealers nationwide, including Canada, Puerto Rico and Colombia.

Making History

For more than 55 years, the BABY BARRIER® Pool Fence Company has been helping to prevent drowning accidents around swimming pools, spas, docks and seawalls. BABY BARRIER® Pool Fence Company has been recognized as the number one provider of water safety fencing since 1963. Guaranteed by U.S. Patent.

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Since 1963, the BABY BARRIER® Pool Fence Company has been helping to prevent drowning accidents.

We are growing every year as more families look to keep their children safer. As laws change and expand to additional states, we are ready to install pool safety fence according to local requirements.